Title: The First Dhamma Discourse of Lord Buddha (Full-moon day of the month of WarSo)
Speaker: Dr Ashin Nyanissara (ThiTaGu SayarDaw)
Type: Audio (Mp3)

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The full moon of Waso is the anniversary of the Buddha’s First Sermon, at Isipatana, a sylvan woodland of Migadhaya or Deer Park. It is meet that the Buddha should deliver his first discuorse in the wide open spaces where the deers can wander free and safe. The Buddha’s first sermon was heard 25 centuries ago. The Four NobleTruths, namely, Suffering, theOrigin of Suffering, Ceasing of Suffering,and the Path that leads to the Ceasing of Suffering.

One unique thing about the Sutta or discourse is that it does not bind men in dogmas and beliefs.Man is free to belive and act accordingly. There is no one to punish or reward man. He reaps the harvest of what he had sown, none but he is the doer of his own deeds. The Path laid down by the Buddha is the simple middle way between the two extremes of devotion to pleasures of the senses and the practice of self mortification. It is the Noble Eightfold Path,to wit,Right View, Right Resolution, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Means of Living, Right exertion, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.

This season is also a season of flowers.There comes the sound of music that leads young people who will roam the woodlands to gather flowers. The flowers gathered in joy and love will be offered to decorate the shrines and pagoda. As young people bow down before the stupas and the Budddha images, serenity comes even to the boisterous and mischievous of the gang as they recite the prayer;

“May we,in future -one of those days,
Don the Blossoms of the Dhamma.”

Reference: “Flowers and festivals round the Myanmar year” by “Khin Myo Chit”

Credit: Young Buddhist’s Association


The First Dhamma Discourse of Lord Buddha

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